Patricia Kambitsch


Workshops offered by the author

Grief, Humor, and Healing

A hands-on storytelling and sharing experience inspired by examples from writers, artists and the presenter’s own practice. Explore the paradox of grief and healing through humor. Prepare yourself for the deep discovery that the odd mix of tears and laughter can bring. Share or simply listen to stories of grief, healing and humor with the support of a nurturing community.

Truth, Lies, and Memoir:  The Shady Experience of Writing and Sharing Personal Nonfiction

Writing a memoir can be tricky business. How reliable is “the truth” when memories fade, inner critics taunt and fears of offending loved ones threaten to silence the writer along the way? Included in this hands-on writing workshop are tips, strategies, and structures for creating personal narratives based on memory.

The Joyful Gift of an Ethical Will

An ethical will is an intentional means for sharing values, blessings and life lessons with close friends, family and community. Rather than serving as a legal document, the ethical will focuses on the love, forgiveness and gratitude you wish to pass on to others. Writing an ethical will need not be morbid or depressing. Instead, the will may be crafted in a spirit of joy, celebration and even spiced with humor. This workshop includes examples, step-by-step instructions and exercises designed to get you started in creating your own document as a gift to pass on to those you love.

Moving Our Stories, Writing Our Lives—Autobiographical Writing and Dance

With the support of a nurturing community, experience a playful fusion of autobiographical writing and movement. Explore the creative dynamics of personal storytelling inspired through dance.  No previous dance or writing experience necessary.

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