Patricia Kambitsch

Looks Like Howard

Ever since I’ve known Howard, he’s been dead. 

Author Patricia Kambitsch tells how her father's untimely death spurred a lifetime of storytelling. However dead he may be, Howard, the mild-mannered, über-geek hero, thrives through the collective memories and imagination of his widow and six children.

Questions of what really happened to her father give way to fantasy suspicions that include the questionable next-door neighbor who was last seen with her father, secret government projects, and alien abduction.  Truer tales range from imaginative family antics at graveside, to bullying in the bathtub, to playing Jesus on the sidewalk.  In the end, answers to the questions become less important than truths revealed through the re-creation of the past through shared memories.

"The book rises up and clamps right down on our funnybones." Vick Mickunas, Dayton Daily News.

"Captivating, full of great twists and a fabulous read.” Howard Glasser, author of The Inner Wealth Initiative.

“It's a book filled with often startling emotion… the whole world of family, of identity, of profound pain and humor.” Joyce Dyer, author of In a Tangled Wood: An Alzheimer's Journey.

"In a world where sticky sentimentality is the norm, Looks Like Howard is a completely irreverent, original, funny, poignant romp through the wicked imagination of the author - an imagination that finds Howard nowhere, and in a heartbeat, everywhere." Barry Heermann, author of Noble Purpose and Team Spirit.

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