It’s all in your body

Where are you? In your head? Or in your body? Or both? Isn’t your head a part of your body?

It’s all in your head

Toronto Artists Lucija Bojcic and Patricia Kambitsch
Team up to Examine What’s in Your Head

its all ladder of lucy crystals

Toronto Artists Lucija Bojcic and Patricia Kambitsch create an
immersive installation exploring brain body connections. It’s All
in Your Head is a two-person art exhibition at Dead End Studio in
Toronto’s Liberty Village including installation art, prints, paintings, wall-
sized ink drawings, and hands-on interactive installations.
It’s all In Your Head runs from August 30- September 16, 2018.
Opening: August 30, 6-10 pm, closing: September 15 2-5 PM.
Lucija Bojcic and Patricia Kambitsch live and create their art in Toronto.

its all no yes skulls

Photography by Kerry Shaw.