Patricia Kambitsch

About Patricia Kambitsch

Patricia Kambitsch is a writer, interdisciplinary artist and an advocate of participatory arts.

Looks Like Howard, published by Behler in March 2008, is her irreverent memoir of grief and growing up during the Cold War. The story springs from a child's innocent viewpoint of death, family conflict, and nightmares of apocalypse. Invention overcomes reality, with the goofy wisdom of childhood winning over the tragic mysteries of life.  Other works include her farcical zine, Fallen Away, for Roamin' Catholics Everywhere and other self-published satire.

As an artist, Kambitsch explores the interplay of writing and painting and with other art forms, including her own playful brand of performance art and creative movement. Through workshops and interactive live events, Kambitsch enjoys blending her favorite genres, as well as blurring the boundary between artist and audience.

Kambitsch facilitates several long-standing creative arts programs in Dayton, including an interdisciplinary arts salon, expressive dance events, creative arts workshops, and writers' groups. A lifelong educator, Kambitsch holds B.A. and M.A. degrees from the University of Dayton.

When not in Ohio, Kambitsch stirs up communities of participatory art in Toronto, where she also resides with her husband, Peter Jones.